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- Drag your fingers through the air ; watch them catch as prisms flare .. |

___ . touch the wonders your words bled ; behold the world inside my head . *

19 August 1991
..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..I like cheese..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..

My name is Shaan. I am 18 years old and lead a busy, stressed-filled life that often spirals completely out of control and leaves me breathless. A lot of my entries are friends locked, some aren't. I welcome anyone who would like to be my friend, but only on the conditions that you either a) know me personally (or want to), or b) actually have something in common with me. Tell me where you've seen me--here, Fanfic.net, Deviantart...I'll likely add you back. Just know that I'm not on here as often as I would like to be. I won't reply right away. I won't post all that often. But I try.

I am a Native American belonging to the Ojibway tribe. My family's clan--"odoodem" in Ojibway--is Makwa, or bear. =] I have a deep pride for my people and love for my culture, my land, and my God. I have long curl brown-black hair, hazel-green eyes and love my chai lattes made with soy milk, a ton of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles!

I am a righteous sort of person, but not overbearingly so. I believe in justice and reaping what you sow. I hate in equity in just about any form. I love God and have had many supernatural experiences. People refer to me as a "Christian", however I am not religious. I walk a path of spiritual truth. Christ is my savior. God is my father. And I can feel that the Holy Spirit is ALWAYS with me. In the Creator there is a beauty that is indescribable, and His love is something that completely transcends everything mortal. My father calls it Spiritual Rearrangement, and he's right!

I love to draw, so you'll find me posting my art here from time to time. I also write, so you'll see that too.

..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..Marble, to be specific..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-


My user name: Aria Eve. I also go by hues-of-hazel, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the internet with that name, so if you see a user on some site with that name, 99% chance it's me.

( People seem to like to ask me this question a lot, but yes, I DO HAVE HAZEL EYES. )

My real name: Shaan. It's Hebrew and means "place of peace". It's pronounced "Sha-haugn" with a phlegm-like sound blending "aa" and "haugn" together, but my parents Americanized to just "Shay-anne", so I go by that.


Gender: Female

DOB: August nineteenth, 1991. Year of the ram. Leo.

Appearence: 5'8", Looong brown-black, curly hair, green-hazel eyes, full-figured, just enough to be called "curvaceous". My legs are extremely well-muscled from dancing and martial arts in comparison to the rest of my body, but oddly enough it doesn't look strange--thankfully I'm a rather curvy woman, so everything "flows" well together. XD

..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..I don't date..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-

I love to live, and I live as freely as possible. I am true to my heart--listening to it has never led me astray yet. I write poetry a lot, it helps me deal with my life and with my crazy self. I'm a bit of a social/emotional/mathematical retard. I get lost in my own head a lot. I also tend to fall, trip, flail, dance and walk into stuff. I belong to The Creator. I love Jesus Christ. I love music and art and the world.

People call me wise, an "old soul" and all that sappy stuff, but I'm really not all that special. I've got a lot of baggage and act kind of strange. I'm just human. And very, very young. And still figuring it all out.

..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..Spencer Reid is my husband. In my head, anyway..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-..-:-

[ CREDIT FOR MY LAYOUT GOES TO remiem AND caliberstrife_ FOR THE CODING <3333!!!! ]

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